10 of the most beautiful and famous tourism destinations in Portugal.

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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Portugal  is the extremely wonderful country which has many beautiful landscapes with the  historical and cultural traditional values. Portugal has the coast tretching 497 miles (800 km) and can surf with 364 days per year. Located in Southern Europe, Portugal is actually destination of many tourists. Dulich9  synthesized and presented to you the 10 most beautiful tourism destinations in Portugal.

The most beautiful destination in Portugal.

Lisbon Capital – the impressive tourism destination.

Lisbon is the largest city and it is also the the big economic and political centre of Portugal . Being the city running along the Tagus river  near by Atlantic,  Lisbon have the attractive beauty with the ancient palaces and magnificent castles. Lisbon became the capital in 1260. In 1755, all the city was buried by a horrified earthquake, Lisbon was built again later on and became the famous tourism destination in Europe. The white limestone buildings, the unique architectural blocks, the winding and lovely  alleys helped Lisbon become the attractive Portugal tourism destination .

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 Lisbon Capital  – the attractive tourism destination in Portugal.

 Algarve City  – one of the 10 most beautiful tourism destination in Portugal.

The quiet olive forests and the quite white painted villages made Algarve become the ideal destination  when  travelling Portugal. By the warm and sunny Mediterranean climate , the windswept coastline and near by the impressive upright cliffs will make you feel relieved after a long tiring  trip.

When you travel Portugal and stop at Algarve , there are many very attractive tourism activities that you can not ignore . For example, you can be tested the thrilling feeling with double skydiving. Tourists can choose the spectacular landscapes and favorable weather conditions so as to implement this game.

Algarve sea is also one of the most famous surfing spot in Europe, is very suitable for anyone whose ambition is to conquer the fierce waves. Here you can watch the beautiful surfing phases of many professional surfers , or you may yourself experience by small waves..

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Algarve city  – one of the 10 most beautiful Portugal tourism destinations.  

Apart from that ,you can dive to explore the internal oceans here. Algarve internal seas, is also the place which contains the Portugal sunk military strategy ship, it now becomes the attractive Portugal tourism destination. Diving deeply into the water, tourists are also witnessed the largest artificial coral reefs and the creatures living on the ocean bottom .

Coming to the famous Portugal tourism  destination  – Algarve, you should remember to– Algarve, experience swimming with the lovely dolphins or walking in the vineyaards , olive at the village !

Obidos City – the ancient beauty of Portugal

Situated in the western of  Portugal , Obidos is located on a hilltop, Centro Religion, surrounded by a fortified wall. This is the place attracts tourists by the ancient beauty , the medieval castles and the historic centers. Guests come here will be admired the winding cobbled streets, the lively squares , the close proximity stores , the  side by side houses which were painted by white color. All of them make a attractive ancient picture . It is this beauty that Obidos became the attractive Portugal tourism destination .

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Obidos City – the ancient Portugal beauty.

Sintra- the Portugal palace city.

Sintra was considered as the architectural jewel of Portugal  not only by the romantic nature scenes, beautiful gardens, ancient forests stretching the  hillside  , it ís also located by  the castles and  palaces, and the wonderful ancient monastery. This is considered as the most beautiful Portugal tourism destination. 

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Sintra, the Portugal palace city

Madeira – the beautiful Portugal tourism destination

Madeira is a fertile oasis located on the Atlantic Ocean, it was also favors called ” Atlantic Ocean floating garden”. The reason is that this is the hometown of many beautiful flowers .If you are herein the spring, you will feel the shimmering colors of thousands of flowers . Madeira is one of  the beautiful Portugal tourism destination .

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Madeira – the wonderful Portugal tourism destination

Porto – The Portugal tourism destination

Porto is always a busy and bustling city. This is the famous place in the world for wine production. Coming to Porto you can walk to visit the in close proximity coffee shops. You or go to the famous Portugal tourism destination which is the bridge Ponte Lúi, symbol of Porto.

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Porto – The tourism destination in Portugal

Visitng Evora – ancient town.

Although Evora might be a small town located in the southern Portugal  , it was the unique tourism destination when you visit Portugal . With over 2,000 years of history, Evora was the flourishing city under the rule of the Roman Empire. Nowadays , Evora is is regarded as  the ancient town which is preserved best in Portugal with more than 4,000 historical monuments buildings.

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Visiting the Evora ancient town.

Aveiro – the location attracts tourists when they travel Portugal.

Aveiro is located along the Atlantic coastline, this is a fairly bustling city and is known as the “Venice of Portugal “. It has a system of interlacing canals and lovely bridges. Tourists come here will be sat on the up and down speedboats and will be visited the historical monuments.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Aveiro

The tourism destination where attracts many tourists – Aveiro

Azores Islands – Location for watching whale in Atlantic

Azores Islands  is located away the west of Libon about 1,500 km , includes 9 volcanic islands in the Atlantic. It is considered as the most wonderful place for watching whale in the world .Azores also attracts tourists by the hot mineral streams,coastal towns and the beautiful islands. This is one of the 10 most wonderful Portugal tourism destinations.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Azores Islands

Azores Islands – Location for watching whale in the Atlantic

Visit the Coimbra tourism destination when you travel Portugal

Coimbra is located in Central of  Portugal, is a small charming town near by the  Mondego river. It focuses many historical treasures, with a vibrant culture and the ancient architectures. Besides, Comibra was one of the places which focus the oldest universities in Europe. Coimbra is also a place that we can not miss when traveling Portugal.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Coimbra

Visit the Coimbra tourism destination when you travel Portugal

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