5 destinations can not be ignored in Tokyo

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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If traveling in Japan,surely you can not ignore Tokio,cities are mixed by the ancident features the most morden and world.Go Tokio,do not miss visting the flowing 5 ponts :
1. Tokyo Tower
Referring to the country of Japan, we can not fail to mention the magnificent spiers Tokyo- one tower with self-supporting steel structure tallest and also the pride of the peple of the land of the cherry blossoms.
Are located in the park Shiba,Tokyo Tower was offcially inaugurated on 12/23/1958.Tower was built in the city is still in ruins after the was, based on an ancient temple, with scrap material from the stell tanks were disassembled .Tokyo Tower 332.6 meter height, 8.6 meters highter than the Eiffel Tower and it lighter to a respectable figure is 3300 tonnes.Tokyo Tower is a member of the World Federation Tower, which was record books as the highest steel works in the wold and also one of the 21 tallest towers in the world. Tower was built at a cost of about 2.8 bilion yen, due to the construction consortium oldest Japanese-Takenaka-design and finish, and manufacture by Nippon Television executives and manager.

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Tokyo Tower is open to visitors from 9 am to 8 pm
2. Shibuya – busiest shopping Tokyo
Shibuya is shopping center, recreation center for youth activities, Japan’s largest.This area is never turned off the lights and noisy 24 hours.Dobbed as the center of fashion youth culture ,here you can find the latest trends in fashion,entertainment.

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In Shibuya, you can visit Meiji Jingu Shrine,Harajuku station adjacent severance, but tucked away in a garden completely(to the extent of dense junggle seemed then), quiet, completely different areas hilarious Harajuku rhythm.If lucky,you may encounter is a traditional wedding ceremony in this temple Japanese.But associated with more Shibuya must mention Shibuya Hachiko and intersections.This is the viewpoint of travelers to Shibuya station.Both the 2 points are located at exit gate Hachiko.When you got out of the gate,you will see statues Hachiko left, and in front of the intersection area is said to be leading busy !
3. Yoyogi Park
Yoyogi Park is the largest park of Tokyo with lush lawns,large ang beautiful lake nestled under the trees.This is an ideal location for those who enjoy walking,camping,watching the street performers display their talents:singing,painting,dressed as the cartoon character.It is also famous for its golden ginkgo trees gorgeous.If in April,wandering in Yoyogi Park,you will catch sight of cherry blossoms woods.If you are followers of the old map,which is really ideal place.In one corner of the large flea markets Yoyogi Park there.The items are plentiful,most commonly clothing and appliances used.

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Yoyogi Park in cherry blossom season
4. Tokyo Dome City
This entertanment complex is a perfect holiday are located in central Tokyo.Tokyo Dome City include sports stadiums, amusement park, spa and hotel, make this area famous places to visit.Tokyo Dome City open throughout the year, but a lot of places including different uptime.Amusement park is open from 10am to 10pm, and the spa is open from 11 am to 9 am the fllowing day.

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5. Tokyo royal palace

The palace was the residence of the royal family es well as renovation and more complex administrative building, a museum, state archives agency and many beautiful gardens.Campus area of 7.5 square kilometer, the park 3 times in New York center.The palace was built in the west and east of the lovely Japanese garden, also known as the garden to the east.The area is like a large park with lawns and spreading headline surrounded by a blue trench.Really is a peaceful stopover ideal to escape the bustle of the city.

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However,if you com here you note one thing,only the garden is always open to visitors, and the palace is only open in the New Year and Birthday Emperor(23/12), if you want to visit must be followed.
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