Some errands experience for you when traveling away

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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Knowing some essential tips when traveling will help your trip more convenient and more comfortable.

Here is some useful travel experience that “professional backpack adventurers” have to experience and share with readers.

– Tourism should be explored in the early morning because this time the weather is cool, less-traveled so airy space, tranquility, clean air, light is ideal for you to shoot multiple shots … More , tourists traveling in the early morning dawn also less danger than other times of the day, as usual, the robbers had “sunk in the dream,” next time “practicing” on the night.

Travel experiences

– When traveling, tourists do not hesitate in its role as a “foreign visitors” with lenses on hand. Instead, be creative comfort the beautiful photos that you think is worth to keep it as a souvenir. Certainly, the “tourism product” that you create will be the most wonderful gift for relatives and friends donated.

– Besides, you remember to always smile and say “hello” to people around because this is the easiest way to create a good impression in the hearts of the locals. Not only that, this cute gesture also helps you have more chance to get new friends.

– One thing worth noting is the fact of life in the world is not so dangerous as in the movie “action”. Therefore, travelers should also not too worried about his trip when you want to “enjoy” in the land battle.

It can be said, most people in the world are peace-loving, they are usually very friendly, trustworthy and willing to help you when you need help to stay calm and relaxed spirit to trip more fun than.

To prevent the risks that may occur to themselves, visitors should be limited to strategic areas of the dispute. However, they should not be worried and scared, instead of calm to experience many new things at your destination.

– Add a rewarding travel experience is that visitors should explore a new land slowly and slowly, do not try to rush to discover certain tourist attractions in one day. Because surely you’ll miss a lot of new things and stayed there if impatient “learn” them in a short time. It can be said, the most compelling new and often come to us in an unexpected way, and only patience can help you “hit” on her beautiful moments.

– If visitors are careful sample and picky person, to record the memorable moments of his trip is also noteworthy. For example, you can record the name of the indigenous people that you meet, or you were chatting with them what you’ve witnessed something special … The little things that will contribute to a “story” memorable that probably re-read every time, we will recall you with unforgettable memories.

– The health and their own excellent size are also important that visitors also pay attention to. Do not be too eager glad that you join the party throughout the night, will make you fast “down and down very sharp.” Instead, let’s have fun, recreation, sports training, diet and rest in a reasonable manner so that the body is always energetic activity in the long journey.

– If you want to save money while traveling, to visit the enclave on the main tourist destinations because of the usually stop eating and costs stay low, there are many interesting things that you might not have known. Meanwhile, popular tourist destinations often attract many tourists, travel expenses, and meals also very expensive …

Instead, too crowded places, visitors should travel experiences in the city suburbs.

Pictured is an American tourist who was visiting idyllic small market and tranquility in the beautiful country Cuba.

Apart from rewarding travel experience above, travelers should also pay attention to other important issues such as:

– So you take the property, in the middle of important documents regularly checked a bag and we have also the original in place or not.

– Whether you’re traveling or tourist groups “dust” alone, can also be stolen. So let’s “fool” thieves by leaving an empty wallet in his back pocket. Should not rush to queue up the crowded plane, train, car … when he heard the message (just disorderly again vulnerable to pickpockets). Need to sit in a chair waiting for people to line up sequentially. Remember that you have a reservation then, no one can take your place and take trips will start only after everything has been fully tested!

Some useful items to bring when traveling include:

– Lemon: On the way, you may have to wait several days to be washed or showered sometimes uncomfortable and comforts of home. Meanwhile, let’s split the lemon and put on tap. The scent of lemon also works to detoxify and relax very well. When a mosquito or insect, apply lemon juice to the bite, will relieve pain and promote healing.

– Latest Snapshot of the child: If your child is lost, the picture will help police find your child is more easily described in words only, not to mention the difficulties of foreign languages if you travel the country out.

– Water: The long flight day can cause your body to lose water. So, buy a few bottles of water reserves, because not always the staff also are ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. Remember to bring water for cooling when to play at the amusement park. Here one has to sell, but certainly will not be cheap. When a cruise, if you do not like to be constantly running out to buy cold water to drink, bring the bottle of iced water as this will hold water longer.


– Deodorant wipes, sunscreen: Please bring cold towels disposable deodorant effect to keep the body clean, not “stink” and always feel fresh. Sunscreen helps protect your skin when you travel to sunny areas.

– Radio, personal music players, books: The “accessories” will help you relax during the migration process and throughout the holiday without disturbing the person next.


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