The Little Venice in the heart of London

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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Little Venice is a peaceful and beaautiful place, it is suitable for tourists who want to escape the noisy and bustling of London city, England.

Coming to Little Venice, London, many visitors feel as drifting on the canals in Amsterdam or the official Venice. Located in the north of Paddington, Little Venice has the sight as a picturesque with shade of trees lined in the both side of the way. It is located between two canals – Grand Union Canal and Regent Canal. Tourists in Little Venice will be served thoughtly with beautiful coffee, pubs and snack bars.

The visitors can choose the way to admire the beauty: releasing the soul slowly according to the flat boats on the immense waves or walking unhurriedly on the embankment. Enjoying the peaceful and airy scenery in here, several tourists were amitted that they felt like being far away from the noise and bobbery, thousands kilometers of London. Everyday, the number of tourists becomes increasing. They enjoy quietly coffee, tea which characterize of English in the small shops with the fresh and peaceful air of Little Venice.


If you arrive on time, you can take part in the Canalway Cavalcade festival that has 160 boats participating the parade. Then they will celebrate banquet meals at the canal. Every year, at the festival, the English and tourists gather together in Little Venice crowdly to enjoy the beautiful scenes and have fun, so it often causes traffic jams. In 2014, the festival happened at the end of the week from 3st to 5th May.

Canals are considered  as a part of the culture heritage and the United Kingdom‘s history, and now they are becoming an ideal tourist destination.

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