The most famous destination in Greece

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In the past, Greece belonged to the list of the most famous destination in Europe. This country was known as with many ancient heritages , full sun-sight seas and friendly people… It has so many famous destinations that the tourists should spend their time on visiting in this time.

  1. Santorini


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Lied on Cyclades islands (Aegean coast , Greece ), Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is famous for the fabricated cliffs taken on the black sand coast, the specific characteristic of volcano spray, the wonderful sunsets with the unique architecture of two white and blue colors. Seen far from it, Santorini looks like an skillfully arranged ‘ Art exhibition’ space. The layered houses on the top of Oia, gradually high in echelon, wanderous  beside of the mountain made a wonderful beauty for this place.


  1. Mystras Town.

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Mystras town was known as the centre of power the empire Byzantyne , it now still has many signature architectures from the Middle Ages. Mystras was the capital of the Peloponnesus in the 14th and 15th centuries. UNESCO recognized that this medieval historic monument was the World Cultural Heritage . When the tourists visit here, they also can see the historic ruins middle of the unspoiled and ancient nature space. This architecture of this area is influenced by many different cultures : Latin, Empire Byzantyne, Venice and Turkey.


  1. Mykonos


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Mykonos Island is also one of the best destinations in Greece. There are many picturesque towns, the house painted white color with the impressive blue window decorated by the trusses of crimson flowers on the balcony in the Island. Mykonos was also known for its white sand coasts and diverse nightlife. The evening of Mykonos is shimmering in lights : emanating coastal homes, restaurants and coasts…The most famous beach in this island is Platis Gialos, which is famous for the yellow sand coasts and turquoise water. Local cuisine is tasty , attractive and the dropping yourselves moments in the fresh air with nice beach become the ideal destination for tourists.


  1. Parthenon Temple

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Parthenon temple, the magnificent architecture sits on top of the Acropolis, is one of the most famous destinations in Greece. It used to be a temple, fort, mosques… This temple was built in 477-432 BC , which was around by column balcony, 2 main surfaces consists of 8 columns and 17 columns on the sides are entirely built by bright Pentelic marble, roof and ceilings are specially carved by scented Cypress wood.


  1. Meteora Monastery

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Meteora Monastery ( from the Middle Ages ) is also one of the most important and complex of Greece monastery systems in the east of Greece.

This big Monastery was built on the natural sandstone rock in northwestern of Thessaly , near by Pinios river and Pindus mountain of Greece. Visitors can only approach this imposing structure after conquering all the stairs and bridges.

Nowadays, the up and down aisles of Meteora Monastery are improved, there were stairs carved into the rock and no longer used the rope ladder again so the traveling problems are not the concern for visitors.

  1. Delphi opera house

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Delphi opera house has the temple of soothsayer Apollo, is the most important place of religion in ancient Greece. This ancient opera house is located on a hill and you can see all views of the conversation area with the surrounding spectacular landscapes from here.

In the ancient times, Delphi opera house is the symbol of Greek religion and the places of worship of the venerable Apollo.

  1. Crete

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Crete is the largest island of Greece. There are many scenic spots on the beautiful coasts,  the craggy mountains or the plump olive garden nestled between the peaceful countryside in the Crete. With a long history, Crete still has many archaeological traces from many different civilizations over the centuries.

  1. Rhodes

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Rhodes Island , belongs to Dodecanese island archipelago , is one of the most beautiful island of Greece. Surrounded by lush pine forests and countless colorful flowers, the charming villages located halfway up the gorge is ideal destination of tourists. Contains many historical stories and great beaches make the Rhodes island become one of the most popular destinations in Greece.

  1. Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki is the second big city of Greece and the capital of Macedonia , northern Greece. The attractions of this city is thanked to the vibrant festivals , exciting social events and bustling nightlife . Thessaloniki is known as the cultural capital of Greece , contains all the old and new exciting things: famous Byzantine walls, white Tower and T urkish baths , colorful food markets, museums and art galleries…

  1. Athos mountain

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