Visit Verona – land of immortal love story

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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Referring to Northern Italy, one would think a right to the old city of a Verona-celebrated piece of land with love and dream the nostalgic distance. This is where the beginning of the natural history of love immortalized in Shakespeare’s plays: Romeo and Juliet. Verona attracts visitors by turning “the story is not really” into “true icon”.

Verona is a city in the province of Verona, is the capital of the province, in the region of Veneto, Northern Italy, situated on the banks of the Adige river, where the river flows through the Padana plain, Lake Garda about 30 km to the East. High City 59 m above the sea, in the South of the Lessini Mountains area last.

Referring to Northern Italy, one would think the right to the old city of a Verona-celebrated piece of land with love and dream the nostalgic distance.

Places that most tourists to Verona the most want to visit is not the arena of Verona which is “her Juliet House” with the balcony demonstrates the love of Romeo and Juliet for her guy. When coming to Juliet’s house, you’ll be hearing the story that the characters of the daimyo Hao Shakespearean lived here, that Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet love story set in Verona, that Juliet has sent her love letters from previous home mail her. …

Her Juliet balcony-the balcony was added in the 1930s with the tradition that those who love if they kiss each other in this then nothing could separate them.

The touching story this has created a dramatic mark on the hard fade, leaving Verona became a rendezvous point of knowing how young couples nostalgic romance.

The city’s major highlights are the drop between the moments seems, imagine the sentence in the book pages of the playwright.

The painting carries the classic strokes, full of Verona from the Roman period to the middle ages, the Renaissance period and go through to the Baroque period … all of which are kept on each street corner, the House over the centuries.

Here, you can stroll along the old steps with the ancient balcony House, along with the banks of the Adige river under the towering walls systems or in Porta Borsari-the door to the oldest city and immerse yourself in the romantic flavor of love with the cup of Cappucino.

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